Tea and Coffee

Both tea and coffee make up our perfect cosy mornings besides boosting our energy. The two hot beverages are highly reckoned for their medicinal values, which are majorly contributed by caffeine and antioxidants that are present in tea leaves and coffee beans. You can consume both tea and coffee throughout the day, to enjoy its multiple health benefits.

The Role and Importance of Tea and Coffee in Today's World

1. Protects You from Cancer and Liver Ailments

Coffee is rich in antioxidants, which assist in neutralizing the free radicals that trigger cell degradation, which in turn contributes to early aging and cancer development. The antioxidants present in coffee is beneficial in terms of treating non-alcoholic fatty liver ailments, and might also reduce the chances of liver cancer and chronic liver ailment related deaths.

2. Reduces the Possibility of Dementia

The caffeine present in the two beverages has been seen to have the brain activity stimulated. The studies and the Darjeeling Tea producers also suggest that the coffee and tea might safeguard you against Alzheimer's diseases and dementia.

3. Reduced Chances of Type 2 Diabetes

The recent survey by health professionals at Harvard University suggests that the polyphenols that we get from consuming tea and coffee can reduce the chances of type 2 diabetes and aid in improving the secretion of insulin and sensitivity.

What Has Changed in the Business of Tea and Coffee from the Previous Times?


Tea played a vital role in multiple important historical occasions like the First Opium War followed by the American Revolution. Tea and coffee at present are the most consumed beverage that we can either consume with ice or have it hot, back in 2012, the tea bag retailers and the supermarket crossed a whopping figure. That figure epitomizes the persistent trend of the rising consumer purchases of tea from the renowned flavoured tea exporters.


Through decades the instant coffee powder wholesalers have been in huge demand, given that coffee is the most vastly traded tropical agricultural commodity. Coffee is produced by 70 countries worldwide. In 2010, the world coffee sector employment was approx. 26 million people in 52 coffee producing countries and the filter coffee powder exporters exported about 93.4 million bags back in 2009-2010.

The demand for coffee and its cultural popularity beyond a morning ritual and made it the perfect choice to include the same in our food list that has brought changes in the trend.

The Value of Tea and Coffee in Today's World

The States is said to the largest coffee powder supplier. The said the consumption of coffee is near to 1.6 billion cups in a day, as per the Food Industry News. The group also claimed that Americans spend some $40 billion on coffee alone every year.

Tea on the other hand is one of the most loved beverages in India which offers employment to about 1 million people in the regions where it is cultivated like Assam, West Bengal, etc.

How are black tea Suppliers and Exporters Thriving?

The scenario of the tea and coffee market is for the organic tea trader and suppliers of coffee, considering how the consumers have begun to quit sugar-rich carbonated beverages. The black tea dealers are witnessing a rising trend, thanks to the introduction of ingredients and the emerging flavours that are available for consumers who fancy exotic flavours in their beverage but also crave natural-labelled drinks.

Some of the exclusive suppliers, producers, retailers, and exporters of tea and coffee that are fetching popularity in recent times are listed below.

Top Suppliers of Tea and Coffee