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Pickles and Jams are nothing but an innovative way to preserve the fruits and vegetables that are prone to getting spoilt.

Role and Importance Of Jam and Pickles

There is a misconception about jams and jellies that are harmful. Howsoever they have several benefits. Such as:

  1. Jams have high sugar content which when mixed with the blood provides a lot of energy.
  2. They are good for the heart
  3. Good Quality jams are full of vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients which are very helpful for sportsmen as these products provide a lot of energy to them.
  4. Jams have a huge variety and flavours to pick out from.

Pickles are that very product which despite having certain harmful effects on our body also have certain advantages as well. These are:

  1. Pickles help in the process of digestion.
  2. it also helps in the proper movement of the gut
  3. Fights diseases because it has certain nutritious items in it.

Business Now and Then

If we look at the brief history of Pickles then we can understand that Pickles were first introduced by the Mesopotamians as a method of preserving cucumbers since then pickles, as well as Jams, have been to the industry as forms of preservatives. It is due to some recent discoveries that pickles and jams have now been considered as relishes. People nowadays enjoy the taste of Jams and Pickles.

In previous days, jams and pickles were not really in demand but now jams and pickles are perfectly ruling a sector of the economy. There are sauce manufacturers, supplier, as well as wholesalers.

Also, previously the Business was one sector oriented and there were real time deals but today with the advent of technology the jam and pickle business have reached the epitome of dynamicity. Today jam and chutney manufacturers can easily float their business in online mode which was not the case previously.

Therefore, if we look in that manner then the jams and pickle industry have come a long way and have gone far enough.

The Jams and Pickle Business Today

Pickles and Jams are in demand in the market all year long. These are products in demand, although these are not products that can be termed as necessities still they are in demand, as a result, the pickle manufacturers are bound to manufacture these products throughout the year. The manufacturing process takes almost two to three months and after that those products are packed and sealed and the amla murabba exporters export these products to various parts of the world.

These exported products land up in the wholesale market where the sellers sell these to the distributors and later the jam distributors distribute these to the various regional market. Once distributed to the regional market then the buyers buy it. This is an integrated process and this whole system can be destroyed if any middleman makes a single mistake hence it is very risky as well as dangerous.

Howsoever, nowadays small online businesses have emerged that are continuously in search of expanding their businesses with the help of this world wide web. This has resulted in making this particular business less risky and has given a different dynamicity to the entire structure. Now the businesses of Pickles and jellies have been a source of major entrepreneur attraction.

Therefore, this particular business can survive as this whole manufacture as well as the supply chain is catered with the help of telecommunication and requires a lesser amount of labor as well as other charges. Several suppliers have started their business or have shifted to online mode likewise.

Some of the major manufacturers, suppliers, exporters, and retailers of pickles and jams are as follows-

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