Dry Fruits & Nuts

Dry Fruits are a type of fruit in which the original fruit is treated in a way to remove all water content. There are various ways by which this process is carried on naturally or artificially. Sun-drying is the natural method used and on the other hand dehydrators and chemical compounds or certain specific kinds of dryers.

Role and Importance of Dry Fruits

Dry Fruits are one of the most expensive food products howsoever they are very beneficial for our health because

Dry Fruits have so many benefits hence it is generally very expensive. Besides the processing and manufacturing of dry fruits takes a lot of time and hence as a result dry fruit is one of the most expensive food products.
Some of the dry fruits like Almonds, Walnuts are popular among the students because they are filled with Vitamin E and are known for preserving memory. List of dry fruits and nuts are given below.

Different Dry Fruits

There are several kinds of Dry Fruits that have different benefits attached to them

Business Earlier and Now

In old days the dry fruit business was very narrow ended. Products were only supplied to the market and the market was the only source of income for the dry fruits businessman. The yield in this process was really low and the income was not at all satisfying. Howsoever, now the scenario has changed and now raisin suppliers are considering online services as one of the most effective mode to start their business. Hence the yield is high and the income and expenditure both looks good from their end. There are several almond retailers in India.

Dry Fruits and the Market

Dry Fruits are exported products and hence they are very costly. Small cashew nut retailers generally refrain from selling dry fruits. Howsoever, these products can now be mainly found in wholesale markets where groundnut manufacturers and retailers gain a lot of profit and the suppliers can supply these products in bulk to gain a good amount of marginal profit. Nowadays the online business is making ground breaking demands in the market and young entrepreneurs are interested to go for online businesses rather than offline businesses which includes a lot of middlemen.

The regular customers of Dry Fruit have to belong to an elite society or else it would never be possible for someone to purchase dry fruits regularly.

The Dry Fruit market is quite impressive and attracts lots of walnut exporters of the country. The dry fruit manufacturers, sellers, and retailers precisely every individual in the production and marketing chain earns a lot of profits daily. Hence, investing in a dry fruit business can be one of great risk at the beginning but may turn out to be of great profits on a larger scale after a considerable amount of time.

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