Food Grains, Cereals & Flour

Food is the basic ingredient in life that makes the human body function in the right and proper manner. It provides nutrients and energy to the body which helps a person to get the work done. Though most foods provide energy, there is a certain group of food that helps to produce more energy in the system by providing more nutrients and nourishment to the body. That specific type of food is called whole food grains.

Whole food grains mostly consist of items like wheat, rice, barley, etc. which mostly make up a huge portion of our diet. They are popularly called breakfast cereals. Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, hence special and specific attention is required whenever you are planning the meal chart.

Role and Importance

Breakfast cereals and food grains hold a special place when it comes to talking about the role and importance. Most food grains and cereals are extremely beneficial for the overall health of the body due to their properties. They contain a huge amount of carbohydrates which is one of the main sources of energy in the body. They also contain a significant amount of protein which also adds to the energy produced. It is highly soluble and hence makes sure that the bowel system in the body remains fine and clear.

Meals that mostly contain whole grain foods tend to be healthier for heart patients and even for the diabetic pupil. Hence the role of whole grain food items and cereals makes up most as a health benefactor. Flour producers and suppliers of these products understand the importance.

Business Before and After

It is debatable as to since how long humans have been consuming food grains and cereals, but the importance of these has been existing for a long time. Earlier, food grain suppliers were mostly villagers whose staple work used to be to grow and harvest such grains and sell. With more and more technologies coming into the scene people are ditching manual labour that usually took a lot of time and effort and shifting to types of machinery for the same. Cereals which were previously considered a meal for the lower income group have gained popularity over the years due to their high nutritional value.

How wheat suppliers, producers and exporters do their business?

As whole grain products are by now considered as staple products, it is largely produced throughout the whole country. From rice producers to manufactures where the filtration is done, to the wholesalers who categories these products, to pulses suppliers who label them are distribute, to finally food grain exporters and retailers who sell the product directly to the customers, the network chain in the field of food grain and cereal is extensive.

The most common examples of the highly consumed food grains in India would be,

Here, check out the list of some of the leading flour, food grains, rice and cereal suppliers, manufacturers, and exporters-

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