Bird, Poultry & Animal Food

When it comes to cattle, poultry and other animals that are raised specifically for human consumption, the health of the animals becomes even more important. If humans need to stay healthy, then the birds, poultry and animals that they consume need to stay healthy as well. Animals and poultry birds that are healthy are more resistant to diseases and infections.

Therefore, Bird, Poultry & Animal Food is required to feed them with all the nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Different animals, birds and poultry need different types of nutrients. Considering their body requirements, the feeds are specifically designed to provide all the nutrients required by each species and breed.

Role of Animal, Birds and poultry food

The food available for farm animals fulfils the nutritional needs that are not met by regular meals like grass, or fodder. These include extra nutrients like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids fortified by animal food manufacturers in India.

These have become essential for the proper animal nutritional requirement. They enhance diet and digestion, and hence, improve animal health and productivity. These are also rising the living standards and disposable income due to the increasing meat and dairy product consumption. Combined with that, the growing preference among livestock producers toward quality and nutrition is fuelling the steady demand for animal food.

Businesses of Animal feed production

Earlier, not all countries followed stringent standards for animal and poultry feeds. It was dependent on individual animal and poultry feed manufacturers to adopt their standards and safety measures and supply an average quality product that they develop. A significant reason animal rearing was not an international business.

But now, certain large companies in India have taken up the responsibility for producing tested quality products meeting international standards for their bird, poultry and animal food. Poultry has a vital role in economic trade and commerce.

Nowadays, birds, animals and poultry farming has become an international business that is giving animal feed supplement traders and exporters an assurance of huge benefits. They come up with high-quality animal feeds and medicated poultry and bird food using high-quality raw material that is safe and effective for a wide variety of species available in India. It is highly commendable that a huge number of feed additive and boiler feed manufacturers have come forward to adopt high standards for their products to ensure quality and safety.

How suppliers, exporters and producers carry out their business in India?

Most of the cattle feed producers carry out hygienic methods of production and scientific techniques to produce high-quality feed. They are supplying high quality feed online. This has turned their business touch the sky due to more exposure and sales. Cattle feed and oil cake wholesalers are able to supply their products in the worldwide market. The cattle feed and feed additive suppliers put the best of their efforts in timely distribution of the commodities with their efficient logistic network.

Top Suppliers of Bird, Poultry & Animal Food